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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


to actually figure out how to do it which I’ll discuss in a bit.

Fourth Step - Mounting Kronosaurus

Kronosaurus was about 45 feet long. It was a major mount. After the bones had been prepared, the materials collected and the space prepared, they started on the mount which took most of a year to complete. Dad, Arnie and Dave did the job with some week-end help from Dick and me. The complexity of a skeleton was such that it did not lend itself to a simple one-two-three creation. Parts are installed in orders that are dictated by various factors, in this instance, primarily by the nature of the structural framework, NOT the articulation of the bones.

The skull required the greatest amount of energy and time, but not for the simple reason of its size. I will set it out in detail. Once the skull had been mounted, the steel rod that was to support the vertebrae could be put in place. At that point several procedures could be done simultaneously. The abdomen had to be installed before the 9-foot long paddles could be placed and so on. I’ll start with the skull and then go to other elements.

Repair the Skull

The skull was the most difficult element to prepare but not simply because of its size and the challenge of supporting -without visible supports- the heavy skull and mandible. Notice that it looked like a bullet. As Arnie and dad developed their plans for mounting the skull, they decided that they would have to open it up, and cut channels into it, so that they could install a steel framework inside

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