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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


Dad was a ham as you’ve seen in his other photos. Remember him standing in his briefs on top of the mountain looking out into the Gulf of Alaska? Well, he’s hamming again here. But this picture gives you the whole picture. (Gag) His hand is holding onto the bottom rim of the orbit (eye socket). To the right of the orbit is another massive ‘hole’. That’s where the masseter protrudes when the beast bites hard - the masseter (the big muscle you feel on your jaw when you clench it - yours is outside the skull) is attached to the jaw to the right of dad’s head and is the muscle the exerts the enormous force needed to shred its dinner.

Here’s the point of that photo vis-a-vis the errant skull fragment: you can actually see the fragment itself, and it is huge. It is the darker block of bone that forms the back wall of this pit and forms the top section of the skull, the crest you see here. The grayer segment and you see that it even extends to and constitutes the back of the skull.

Compare this photo to the above to see how Dr. Xdid it. You can’t even find that huge fragment! What Good Ol’ Dr. X did -but shouldn’t a otta did- was simply bury it down inside of this skull. That’s what Dr. X did and it made for some pretty unpleasant talk around there about him for a while. Ornery cuss. He wanted

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