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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


up over my head trying to not drop it, while the flame screamed and whined and popped on the thin asbestos sheet, bits of red-hot molten metal flying off, the board cracking and popping with the terrible flame half an inch across from my fingers. It was un-nerving. When I winced, he only got mad and ordered me to hold it up and not to worry.

If you think I’m exaggerating with this image, you’re wrong. That is precisely what it’s like when a torch is cutting steel and even when it’s welding it still produces sprays of molten metal sparks. Dad depressed a lever that blew additional oxygen through the tip so that the molten metal blew away like water. It was hell to stand under that stuff. In the end, I only experienced some small burns on my arms so I wasn’t really hurt. Just unnerved.

Another shameful memory is that I remember doing the same sort of thing to you sons in the early 1980's when I burned 5-6 cords of wood for heat each winter. I bought some skids of butts of 2x4's and had to cut them to size for the stove because they were a half a foot too long. So I made you two, about 6 and 8 years old, hold the 8 inch long end that I was cutting off with a skilsaw because otherwise it would fly up and hit me or something. You were afraid then like I was back when, but were even younger than I was at the time. But I angrily made you do it. Some sort of a pattern there, isn’t there, one that I’m not proud of.

Back to the -other- beast.

Gastralia, Pelvis & Shoulder Girdle

Kronosaurus was one of those species, like Antrodemus talked about above, that actually had armor over its abdomen to keep other creatures out of its engine room. Given the size of this abdomen these bones were most helpful because there were doubtless a large number of others who tried to take pokes and bites along the way. The gastralia are basically ribs that fit across the abdomen. Arnie and Dave are leaning over the bed they are

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