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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


This is a closeup that Arnie took, Dad standing over the skull with his arc welder’s shield on, electrode in his gloved hand. The chain hoist is to the left of his head, as he looks to see what else needs welding. These chain hoists are neat. You just pull on one side of the loop of chain dangling over the skull. That turns gears up inside of the joist turn and raises the item on the hook. The remarkable thing is how little energy is needed to get this to happen. You can lift the skull with one hand through this hoist.

Note that dad’s using an arc welder, not the acetylene torch. This is the one that uses enormous amounts of current to create an arc between the tip of the electrode and the metal that needs to be joined, causing the tip to melt and flow into the crack for the brief instant his hand is over the place.

On the seventh day he rested. Always the ham. Don’t know why he didn’t let me do that, too. The wooden frame and hoists have been removed so the skull is now hanging entirely from the steel structure on the wall, appearing the hang in space. Go back to the photo of the whole mount and it really does hand in space.

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