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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


Stringing Beads

The vertebrae had been prepared for this time back in the beginning while they were preparing the bones for the mount. Now that the spinal rod had been secured, they could be assembled. It was a bit like stringing beads, just sliding one at a time up the rod, in the right order, to create the spinal column.

Note the nice detail here about the vertebrae. The vertebrae just above Arnie’s head have spines that are tilted to the right, and that the centers are narrower that the vertebrae further back. Those traits mark the cervical series, the neck series. They didn’t need to be as robust the later ones, the thoracic series, that supported the entire body. Dad is apparently brushing the creature’s teeth.

You can see here how the gastralia were eventually completed, short ribs projecting upward from the central, knitted section that served as armor for the contents of the abdomen.

Steel I-beam Caper

I’m not sure - a Cabot, or a Lodge? Are you familiar with this pair of families? Not having lived in Boston you may not be, but if you lived there in the 1950's you heard their name, and not always in a complimentary fashion. They were among the oldest families, hence the wealthiest in most settlements if you think about it, living up there on Beacon Hill, in Louisberg Square. The saying was:

“The Cabots only spoke to the Lodges. And the Lodges only spoke to God.”

Maybe the names were the other way around. It doesn’t matter, you get the idea.

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