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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


  • 6.

    Then hire 5 supervisors and two workers to hoist the beam up and stick it through the hole on the outside and push it in -how they did that I have NO idea- and stick it into the hole across the 50-foot wide room.

  • 7.

    Take down the two vertical pillars you see above.

  • 8.

    Put the I-beam under the floor-ceiling joist that had been held in place with the two vertical pillars real quick so the ceiling doesn’t cave in.

  • 9.

    Then close in the beam and paint it so it disappears from view. This is what you get:

Dad lying on the floor in front of the critter. You can see that a soffit (?) has already been hung from the beam to conceal the trick lights.

So that was the project that the money boys had to peddle slickly to some sucker. An suckers with that kind of money were hard to come by. Even in Boston. Someone, god bless his eternal soul, had a brainstorm. Perhaps he cashed in a chip, bought an old friend a dinner, who knows. The plan was laid out and the money boys decided to ambush one of these Cabots - or Lodges. Can’t remember and it doesn’t matter.

The final and most risky part of the whole I-Beam Caper was to actually meet face-to-face with an old boy from the designated family and make a sales pitch that had been crafted and rehearsed half a dozen times I’m sure. Trying to get him ready to agree to pay to have a hole chopped in the third floor wall of this old building. As I remember the story, the plan was built around an aging member

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