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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


dinosaur mount. It shows the influence of dad’s technique but it isn’t possible to know whether it’s a new mount done after 1958, or is an old mount that was refurbished after 1958, nor does it ultimately matter. Dad’s influence in it is self- evident. But as noted there are at least five throw-backs to the old methods. The reason they persisted in spite of the fact that the mounters were familiar with the Kronosaurus method, was that the mounter was NOT -guess what:

An artist, A welder, or A machinist.

What subsequent mounters had to do was blend the understandings and abilities of various individuals. Dad simply existed as multiple specialists in one body. The subsequent mounters could understand the simple shiny principle of burying the supports inside of bones and the skeleton and doubtless wished they could do it, but they were unable to make it so because he was none of these things. Universities don’t teach PhD. Paleontologists to weld or bend metal. So the palaeontologists had to dig up associates who had the skills which could be melded with their vision of what they wanted the mount to look like.

As I’‘ve worked on several mounts with dad and studied his process, I see that his method can be roughly divided into three stages. I’ll describe them for you so you can see the evolution of his vision. It took 20 years to reach its pinnacle in a mount of two specimens.

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