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Uphill Both Ways

Volume 9 - Boston 1956


Stage 1:

The first stage of his technique was that adapted to Kronosaurus. This was

the maiden voyage of his vision. This beat up postcard shows how Kronosaurus looked after dad had finished air brushing the background but before the glass front had been installed. The woman is a point of reference to show how large the creature is. The skull itself is 9 feet long, the front paddles are 10 feet long. Note the high ridge on the top-back of the skull.

There are no edges or corners, no struts, wires, straps, bars in the gray wall. Nothing to give the eye a point of reference. For example, the curtain you see underneath the belly of the beast is actually about 3 feet closer to you than is the curtain you see through the abdomen but because the surfaces are all curved, your eye can’t make that distinction, can’t see the difference. The only way you can see the difference is to look for a thing which you can also see in the postcard behind the woman’s legs. There you can see a vertical surface perpendicular to the back wall that gives your eyes leverage to work out the difference in position of the different planes. But even when you can work out the difference there, you still

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