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Mike Schneider ’61- Vice President introduced the T/V Kings Pointer Complement and Gary Hicks ’76 introduced our Honored Guests and Alumni, including (in attendance):

Ref: KP Chessie News 062607                     page 2 of 7

Julie Nelson - Deputy Maritime Administrator

Helen Delich Bentley – former Chairman Federal Maritime Commission & former Congresswoman

Steven Blust ’71 – former Federal Maritime Commissioner; President ICLA

Congressman Elijah E. Cummings, (MD- 7th District) –

    Chairman- House Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Subcommittee

Lucinda Lessley - SR Staff Maritime Transportation, Congressman Cummings

Anne Irby - SR Staff, Honorable U.S. Senator Ben Cardin (MD)

Brigid Smith - SR Staff, Congressman John Sarbanes – (MD 3rd District)

Captain Dino Savastio ’43 – WWII Era USMMA Cadet Midshipman Survivor

…..(Father-in-law of Captain Chip Lagdon and wife Vicki and Grandfather of Richard Lagdon ’08)

Captain Arthur Jensen ’44 - WWII Era USMMA Cadet Midshipman Survivor

Lloyd Bowden ‘44- WWII Era USMMA Cadet Midshipman Survivor

Hans Bean '93 - Director Business Development, Maersk Line

Duff Hughes - President, Vane Brothers Company

Cary Lynch – Vice President, General Ship Repair, Baltimore

Derick Lynch ‘A - President, General Ship Repair, Baltimore

Richard Rodgerson - (GAF Corp, Baltimore) Private Sector Port Coalition

F. Brooks Royster, III – Executive Director, Maryland Port Administration

Captain Mike Schneider ’61 - Chairman, Project Liberty Ship

David Stambaugh ‘A – General Manager, Baltimore Maritime Exchange

Richard E. Fredricks ’67 - President, Maritime Solutions, Inc.

Trip Bailey ’80 – President, BalTerm

Richard Pais ’80 – President, Atlantic Services

Glen Paine ’78 – Executive Director, MITAGS / CCMIT / PMI

Captain Robert Becker ’78 –  Academic Business Development Manager, MITAGS

Thomas G. Lamm ’79 – Manager Fleet Development, Vane Brothers Company

Rev. MSG Captain John FitzGerald, USN (ret.) - KP Chesapeake Chaplain

Captain Eric Nielsen ’81 – President, Maryland Pilots Association & wife Jacquie ’83 & son Alex

Peter J. Rackett ’61 - Executive Vice President, USMMA-Alumni Foundation

Roy Rogers ’71- President, Kings Point Club of Washington, DC

James Shirley '65 - Past Chairman, USMMAAF and wife Pat

Donald Yearwood '61 - Past Chairman, USMMAAF; Government Affairs Committee

Virgil Allen '73 - Past President, USMMAAF

VADM Al Herberger '55 – USMMAAF Industry Affairs- “TELL AMERICA”

Rob Smith '92 - President -Elect, KP Club, Washington, DC

Gail B. Barry ‘A – First Lady, T/V Kings Pointer

Lisa Donitz – USMMAAF “The Facilitator!”

Jean Singer (Lisa’s mom) – Happy Birthday Girl!

Kathleen Pavarini ’01 provided introductions of Midshipmen & families -    

Robert De Pol ’09 (KP Chessie Midn Member) and Parents Don & Brae

Richard Lagdon ’08 (KP Chessie Midn Member) and Parents Captain Chip & Vicki

Kyle Martin ’09 (KP Chessie Midn Member) and Parents Mary & Mike and 24 family members aboard!

Michael Schneider ’08 (KP Chessie sponsored Midn Intern- Vane Brothers Company, Baltimore)

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