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DOD Has Made Limited Progress in Developing Operational Contract Support Annexes and Faces Challenges Identifying Detailed Contractor Requirements in These Annexes

Few Approved Operation Plans Include an Operational Contract Support Annex

Although the requirement for the Annex W—the operational contract support annex—has been in DOD’s guidance since early 2006, we found that few of the operation plans approved by the Secretary of Defense or his designee as of February 2010 included an Annex W. Starting in September 2007, each of the six geographic combatant commands has been allocated joint operational contract support planners (hereafter referred to as contract support planners) to assist them in drafting these annexes. These contract support planners have been reviewing existing operation plans to determine the extent to which they address operational contract support. Based on their review, the planners have identified 89 plans—varying from level 1 to level 4 plans—that may require an Annex W. Specifically, the contract support planners found

two level 4 operation plans that require Annex Ws in accordance with joint guidance; in some cases, combatant command officials determined that certain level 2 and 3 operation plans should also have Annex Ws; in other cases, combatant command officials determined that operational contract support issues should be addressed in the logistics annexes (Annex D) of less-detailed plans rather than developing stand- alone Annex Ws; and two Annex Ws were developed and approved prior to the arrival of the contract support planners, but were later determined insufficient to meet the requirements for the Annex W.

According to combatant command planners, four operation plans with Annex Ws have been approved by the Secretary of Defense or his

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GAO-10-472 Warfighter Support

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