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designee, although the contract support planners determined two of these annexes were insufficient. In addition, the contract support planners have drafted Annex Ws for 30 of these plans to date. Planning officials at the combatant commands told us that several plans with draft Annex Ws are currently in the plan review process and are expected to be approved over the next year. Table 1 summarizes the development of Annex Ws by combatant commands as of February 2010.

Number of Annex Ws drafted by contract support planners

Number of Annex Ws currently in the plan review process

Number of Annex Ws in plans approved by the Secretary of Defense or his designee

6 6 8 4 2 4

5 1 5 2 1

0 2a 2 0 0



Source: GAO analysis of information from geographic combatant commands.

Table 1: Status of Annex W Development and Approval by Combatant

Combatant command

  • U.

    S. Africa Command

  • U.

    S. Central Command

  • U.

    S. European Command

  • U.

    S. Northern Command

  • U.

    S. Pacific Command

  • U.

    S. Southern Command

Commands as of February 2010

aContract support planners at U.S. Central Command told us that two Annex Ws had been completed prior to their arrival, but they subsequently determined that these annexes were not sufficient. The officials told us that these annexes will be revised when the plans are updated in fiscal year 2010.

Most Annex Ws Developed to Date Lack Specific Information on Contract Support Requirements

Although contract support planners have been working to develop Annex Ws, we found that those annexes provide little insight into the extent to which DOD will need to rely on contractors to support contingency operations. According to combatant command planning officials, most of the draft Annex Ws restate broad language from existing operational contract support guidance. Similarly, we reviewed two draft Annex Ws at U.S. European Command and U.S. Pacific Command and found that they consisted largely of language drawn from DOD’s high-level guidance on operational contract support: Joint Publication 4-10, DOD’s doctrine for planning, conducting, and assessing operational contract support in joint operations, and DOD Instruction 3020.41, the source of DOD’s policy and procedures concerning operational contract support.13

13 Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Publication 4-10, Operational Contract Support (Oct. 17, 2008), and DOD Instruction 3020.41, Contractor Personnel Authorized to Accompany the U.S. Armed Forces (Oct. 3, 2005).

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