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capabilities that contractors could potentially fill. However, we found other cases where combatant commands had developed detailed operation plans, including time-phased force and deployment data, but lacked specific contract support information in their draft Annex Ws. For example, the draft Annex W we reviewed for one combatant command’s level 4 plan with time-phased force and deployment data lacked details on the expected contractor support requirements needed to execute the mission. Similarly, we found that one combatant command has developed an operation plan for an ongoing operation. However, while considerable information is known about the mission, time frames, and force structure, the plan’s Annex W focuses on contracting policies and lacks specific information on contract support requirements needed to facilitate the operation.

In addition, several combatant command planning officials told us that they expected to draw on contract support requirements identified in the component commands’ supporting plans to develop Annex Ws.16 Disagreements exist regarding the level of detail on contract support that should be included at the combatant command versus the component command level. For example, U.S. Pacific Command planners told us that they view the Annex W as providing a broad discussion of contract support and that detailed information on contract support requirements would be found at the component level. Conversely, senior DOD officials told us to expect to see specific information on contractor support requirements in the combatant command Annex Ws. Joint Publication 4-10 states that the service components must ensure that operational contract support requirements are identified and incorporated into operation plans. However, we found that few service components had developed supporting plans that provide detailed information on contract support requirements. We identified several factors that hinder the ability of service components to identify contract support requirements in the Annex Ws of their supporting plans. For example:

Combatant commands were still developing their Annex Ws for most operation plans and had not yet shared them with their components. In some cases, service components were in the process of developing inputs that could be used to identify contractor support requirements in their supporting plans.

16 According to Joint Publication 5-0, service components prepare supporting plans for operation plans when tasked to do so by the combatant commander.

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