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on contract support is anticipated, commanders must ensure that requisite planning is completed. This includes complying with other DOD operational contract support guidance, such as requirements to ensure continuation of essential contractor services and to identify specific contractor policies and requirements in the operation plan, such as contractor-related deployment and accountability reporting, force protection, and medical support. In addition, Joint Publication 5-0 includes specific references to contract support. For example, in determining personnel requirements for supporting a mission, planners are expected to identify and address known or anticipated factors that may influence potential courses of action, including the anticipated use of civilian, contract support, or host nation personnel. The guidance also states that the administration and logistics section of the base plan should address contract support. Other DOD guidance also addresses the importance of incorporating operational contract support throughout the combatant commands’ operation plans. For example, Joint Publication 4-10 states that planning for contractor personnel integration should be addressed in either a contractor management plan appendix or in appropriate sections of operation plans. Similarly, Joint Publication 3-33 identifies contractor- related considerations, such as medical, legal, and personnel considerations, for personnel outside of the logistics community.19 Although the guidance above discusses the importance of incorporating contract support throughout an operation plan, it is generally at a high level and does not provide direction on how to incorporate contractors into specific segments of plans.

In our discussions with planning officials outside of the logistics community within the Joint Staff and at the combatant commands, we found a tendency to assume that contractor-related matters will be managed by logistics personnel. For example, officials responsible for the overall plan writing process at one combatant command did not see much value in placing contractor-related information in operation plans because they believed contractor issues would be addressed by the logistics community once a plan is being executed. However, DOD has acknowledged that inadequate planning for contractors for Iraq contributed to the significant challenges the department has encountered there. In addition, our review of the operation order for the drawdown of

19 Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joint Publication 3-33, Joint Task Force Headquarters (Feb. 16, 2007).

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GAO-10-472 Warfighter Support

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