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Limited or No Discussion of Operational Contract Support in Nonlogistics Annexes

contractors. Senior DOD officials, including the Secretary of Defense, have acknowledged that the department has not thought holistically or coherently about its use of contractors in combat areas such as Iraq and that the failure to anticipate or plan for the heavy reliance on contractors has led to oversight and management challenges. Officials at some combatant commands recognized the potential value in having more information on contractors in their base plans. For example, U.S. Southern Command officials told us that they have included a discussion of contractor support in the concept of operations sections of three of their base plans, and we found that contract support information had been integrated throughout one of the base plans we reviewed. Planning officials at several other combatant commands were also open to expanding the discussion of operational contract support in their base plans.

We found that DOD has made limited progress in incorporating operational contract support into annexes that cover nonlogistics areas, based on our discussions with officials responsible for writing these annexes. Our previous work has described how DOD’s reliance on contractors has moved beyond traditional logistics areas.22 Similarly, DOD reported that as of September 2009, over 30 percent of contractor personnel in Iraq were performing nonlogistics functions, such as linguist support and security. This broader use of contractors is reflected in DOD guidance, such as Joint Publication 4-10, which highlights key contract management planning considerations, noting that these considerations cross all lines of responsibility of combatant command directorates. For example:

The J-1 (Manpower and Personnel) and J-3 (Operations) directorates are responsible for publishing operation-specific security screening and badge issuance policies and procedures. The J-2 (Intelligence) directorate is responsible for assisting other directorates in areas such as vetting and badging procedures and force protection and security plans. The J-3 (Operations) directorate is responsible for ensuring that contractor personnel who require access to military facilities are incorporated into force protection and security plans.



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