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Jones strongly recommends that, in order to prepare yourself adequately for college, you retake every failed class, including electives. This shows college admission representatives that you take your education seriously and that you can work through academic struggles. Making up classes is called “remediation.”

Remediation classes are offered in several ways, listed here in order of preference.

  • 1.

    JCP summer school. This is usually the first choice because if you are struggling, it is not a good idea to add an extra course to your academic year course load. JCP summer school details are released late in the spring semester.

  • 2.

    9th period online remediation. With this option, a student could makeup a past failure or first semester failure during second semester and thus not have to go to summer school. These classes are taught in a supervised classroom at Jones, so that students have the support of a teacher. Please see Ms. Lee, the Director of Student Services, for more information.

3. CPS Evening or Saturday School or Summer School at a CPS High School. These are courses offered at neighborhood high schools. They tend to be much lower in rigor than what you would experience at JCP or another selective enrollment school. Thus, they can be ideal for noncore classes (i.e., P.E. and Drivers Ed) or courses in which you do not plan to continue at JCP (i.e., if you need to make up a semester of Spanish III and are not planning to take Spanish IV). However, they are not ideal for core classes in which you plan to continue at Jones, as you will not likely get the training that you need to succeed in the next course. NonJCP summer school fees vary widely.

Following are the rules for retaking classes, or “remediation,” at Jones.


If you fail a class, it is your responsibility to see your counselor right away. This is important because remediation deadlines come and go very quickly.

  • 2.

    It is strongly recommended that every failed course – both graduation requirements and electives – be made up.

  • 3.

    Prior approval regarding all remediation courses is mandatory using the proper form at the end of this policy.

Courses must be made up in a specific order that prioritizes graduation requirements.

  • 4.

    If you attend both sessions of summer school at JCP and pass these classes, you can make up remaining courses at JCP during the school day in 20112012 if the master schedule and your schedule allow.

  • 5.

    It is your responsibility when you finish making up a credit to acquire the official transcript or grade report. You should then give a copy to your counselor, give a copy to the JCP Director of Student Services, and keep an original for your records. Do this right away; do not wait until right before graduation!


If you do not make up your failed classes, or if you are so far off track that you can no longer graduate from JCP in four years, you will be counseled to transfer to another school as early as your second semester, sophomore year.

If you have any questions about this policy, please see your counselor or the Assistant Principal.


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