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Mission Statement

The mission of Jones College Prep is to help students develop themselves as leaders through a rigorous college prep program that focuses on educating the whole person.

Profile of the Ideal Graduate of Jones College Prep at Graduation*

At Jones, our Philosophy of Curriculum and Instruction demonstrates the process of how our students engage in their journey towards becoming the ideal graduates at graduation, or Grads at Grad.

In light of the mission of the school, we have created this profile as our "dream" statement of who we hope our students will be on the road to becoming as they walk across their graduation stage. All of our energies are focused on helping students develop as the type of individual explicated here.

Adolescents are journey people. While we do not believe that students will be finished in developing these characteristics, we believe that the Jones College Prep experience will bring substantial "beginnings" in the following areas. The ideal Jones graduate at graduation would be on the road to becoming:

1. Socially Skilled & Mature In order to develop our students into socially skilled and mature grads at grad, our curriculum and instruction emphasizes the development process rather than emphasizing immediate and/or impulsive solutions to complex problems. In this way, we guide our students to grow in their acceptance of intellectual tension and the complexities of critical questioning.

Our curriculum and instruction develops socially skilled and mature individuals by creating studentcentered learning environments and activities requiring cooperation, teamwork, and recognition of others unique abilities and perspectives, thus encouraging our students to make sense of complex issues.

In order to give students ample opportunities to develop into socially skilled and mature grads at grad, when organizing class activities and tests, we teach and expect our students to take healthy risks and to clearly express their ideas in ways that are comprehensible to others.

2. Compassionate In order to develop students who represent compassionate grads at grad, our curriculum and instruction illustrates and models positive social interactions and behavior that focuses not on the benefit to self, but on the benefit to others.

To provide a platform for students to develop compassion, we offer students multiple opportunities to embody diverse perspectives through performances in theatre productions as well as through musical expression. In order to foster students who represent the ideal grads at grad, our curriculum includes analytical discussions of the perspectives and experiences of many different people to bring about greater awareness of diverse life experiences, which in turn, develops compassion for others.

3. Socially Just & Responsible In order to foster students who represent socially just and responsible grads at grad, our curriculum includes materials and texts, and generates performances, that present a variety of critical approaches on topics to increase awareness of the multiple perspectives of historically marginalized groups including, but not limited to, issues around gender, race/ethnicity, (dis)ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status. In order to foster students who represent socially just grads at grad, our curriculum and instruction includes discussion, questioning, and classroom inquiry that challenge traditional telling of stories/history/performances, as well as assumptions embedded in language, images, and other representations of society and groups within the wider society.


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