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Veterans Benefits AdministrationM21-1, Part III

Department of Veterans Affairs                                                                                            Change 131

Washington, DC  20420                                                                                                          February 25, 2005

Veterans Benefits Manual M21-1, Part III, “Authorization and Clerical Procedures,” is changed as follows:

Pages 4-i and 4 –ii and 4-I-1 and 4-I-3:  Remove these pages and substitute pages 4-i and 4-ii and 4-I-1 and 4-I-3  attached.

Paragraph 4.01(2)(b)is revised to reflect the appropriate references.

Page 4-I-9:  Remove this page and substitute page 4-I-9 attached.

Paragraph 4.02c is added to show that the Veterans Information Solution (VIS) application enables VA regional office and medical center employees to have access to electronic service member discharge data.

Pages 4-IV-3 and 4-IV-4:  Remove these pages and substitute pages 4-IV-3 and 4-IV-4 attached.

Paragraph 4.24e(2) is revised to reflect that when submitting a PIES request for Navy cases, code O43 is used, and that all other branches require a dictated letter.

Pages 4-IV-7 and 4-IV-8:  Remove these pages and substitute these pages 4-IV-7 and 4-IV-8 attached.

Paragraphs 4.25f(2) and 4.25f(3) are revised to show that if a dependent’s inpatient and outpatient medical records are needed to support the veteran’s claim, then respectively, request codes C03 and C04 are used to obtained the medical records.

Paragraph 4.26b(2) is amended to include a note stating that VAMC personnel can access and view eligibility information via the Veterans Information Solution (VIS) application.

Pages 4-V-3 and 4-V-4:  Remove these pages and substitute these pages 4-V-3 and 4-V-4 attached.

Paragraph 4.28b is amended to show that follow-ups on requests that have been pending 120 days at NPRC should no longer be sent, and that after the initial 120 days, the liaison office will respond within 60 days.

Pages 4-A-3 through 4-A-8:  Remove these pages and substitute these pages 4-A-3 through 4-A-8 attached.

Addendum A is amended to show that address code 55 is to be used in obtaining verification of in-service stressors and for disabilities related to exposure to Agent Orange

Pages 4-C-1 through 4-C-4:  Remove these pages and substitute these pages 4-C-1 through 4-C-4 attached.

Addendum C is revised to show changes in the addresses and telephone numbers for address codes 16, 21, 35 and 47; to include a purpose statement for address codes 16, 17, 25, 35, and 47; to add address code 55,  and the mailing address and telephone number for the U.S. Armed Services Center for Unit Records Research.

Pages 4-K-1 through 4-K-7:  Remove these pages and substitute these pages 4-K-1 through 4-K-8 attached.

Addendum K is revised to update  the reference for request code C01.  It is further revised to add PIES request codes C03, C04, O40, O41, O42 and O43.  The pages are renumbered.

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