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February 25, 2005M21-1, Part III

                                                                                                                                          Change 131

The Records Management Center will be responsible for providing these changes to the Chief, Veterans Services Directorate (DARP-VS), Army Reserve Personnel Command (AR-PERSCOM).  A copy will also be sent to the Compensation and Pension Service (212A) at VACO via e-mail to VAVBAWAS/CO/212A.

Note:  Each station may designate one alternate military records specialist.  References in this chapter to "the military records specialist" include the alternate.

a.  Criteria for Followup by Military Records Specialist  

(1)  Handcarry the claims folder to the military records specialist for further followup action if all of the following conditions have been met:

(a)  At least 60 days have elapsed from the date of an initial request, and

(b)  At least one followup request has been sent, and

(c)  The control period on the followup has expired, and

(d)  The response from the service department has been clearly inadequate or nonexistent.

Note:  If service records are needed in situations involving emergency hospital admissions or disability claims of a very serious nature (carcinoma, paraplegia, severe burns, etc.), identify the claims folder at the development stage of adjudication.  Do not submit a PIES 3101.  Instead, handcarry the claims folder to the military records specialist for special handling procedures.  

(2)  If the required records should be at AR-PERSCOM or NPRC, the military records specialist

will telephone the VA Liaison office (VALNO) at (314) 538-4278 or e-mail VAVBASTL/RMC/LNO with the veteran’s identifying information.  If e-mail is used, the request should be categorized as “high priority.”

(3)  If the required records should be at a location other than AR-PERSCOM or NPRC, use Addendum C to determine the address code where the records should be located and the applicable telephone number.  Special followup by the military records specialist normally consists of one or more telephone calls to the appropriate address code.  The military records specialist should carefully document the telephone call (date, person contacted, phone number, what was said, etc.).

(4)  The military records specialist should not initiate any fax or phone follow-ups without first

determining that the prior development was correct based on the information in this chapter and other published directives from Central Office.  If the military records specialist determines that the prior development was not correct (e.g., sent to wrong address code, inadequate identifying information furnished), he or she should initiate a new PIES 3101 request on VA Form 119.

b.  Followup to NPRC.  No follow-ups on pending PIES 3101 requests are appropriate since the status of individual requests are readily available by accessing PIES.  In addition, the military records specialist should no longer send follow-ups on requests that have been pending at the NPRC more than 120 days.  The VA Liaison office maintains a list of requests that have been pending for this amount of time and dedicates resources to searching for the requested records on a daily basis.  After the initial 120 days, the liaison office will take immediate action to reply within 60 days.

EXAMPLE:  A negative final response from NPRC should be similar to the following – “The National Personnel Records Center has conducted an extensive and thorough search of the records among our holdings.  We were unable to locate the records identified in your request.  On the basis of the request


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