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M21-1, Part IIIFebruary 25, 2005

Change 131

presented to NPRC, we have concluded that the records either do not exist, that NPRC does not have them, or that further efforts to locate them at NPRC would be futile.”

c.  Follow-up to AR-PERSCOM.  When a PIES request to address code 11 has been pending more than120 days without a response, the military records specialist should e-mail VAVBASTL/RMC/LNO with the subject line displaying “veteran’s last name, first name, and claim number or Social Security number.”  Explain this is a follow-up to a PIES request which has been pending at AR-PERSCOM more than 120 days.  The VA Liaison Office (VALNO) will investigate and provide a status response.  

d.  Telephone Followup to Other Address Codes.  Telephone numbers for records centers other than NPRC (code 13) and AR-PERSCOM (code 11) are in Addendum C.  If you are unable to get through on the listed numbers because they are disconnected, or are referred to different numbers, contact Compensation and Pension Service (212A) at VAVBAWAS/CO/212A with this information.

e.  Followup to Separation Points.  In some instances, the records center which should have a veteran's records will indicate that the desired records were never received from the separation point.  If this occurs and the veteran has been out of service long enough that the records should have reached the

records center, ask the records center if it can furnish specific information about a possible contact at the separation point.  (Some records centers have tracking systems that will reveal this information.)

(1)  If the records center is unable to furnish a telephone number to call at the separation point, a number may be obtained from telephone directories or from various publications such as the U.S. Forces Travel Guide which list addresses and phone numbers of military facilities.  

(2)  Once a telephone number for the separation point has been determined, use it in an attempt to locate the desired records.  Carefully document any information obtained from the separation point and, if necessary, initiate further followup with the records center.

(3)  Do not write to separation points (unless requested to do so by the separation point as a followup to a telephone communication).  Separation points do not routinely respond to VA records requests and the likelihood that a written request to a separation point will produce results is slight.

(4)  If the records center indicates that the veteran's records never left the separation point and you cannot determine the location of the separation point from evidence of record, ask the claimant to furnish this information.  Then contact that military facility to see if the records are still there.  For Navy veterans, occasionally the medical records may be left on the last ship assigned.  Contact the land based office to request a search of the ship’s medical record holdings.

f.  Telephone Followup to Units.  A list of addresses and telephone numbers for the State Adjutants General is provided in Addendum F.  If you are unable to get through on the listed numbers, contact Compensation and Pension Service (212A) at VAVBAWAS/CO/212A.  Local telephone contact with Reserve units may also result in a list of telephone numbers and contact points throughout the state.  These lists and contact points will be locally maintained.

g.  Criteria for Requesting Central Office Assistance

(1)   If special followup by the military records specialist has been unsuccessful, and there is evidence in the file or alleged by the veteran of unusual circumstances which might indicate a reason why records might not be in the normal records flow, contact Compensation and Pension Service (212A) via e-mail to VAVBAWAS/CO/212A for assistance.  Examples of such circumstances are requests for records of general or flag officers, allegations of classified information, etc.


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