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February 25, 2005M21-1, Part III

                 Change 131


PIES Status and Request Codes

Overall status codes (2 character code shown on the bottom of the PIES 3101 screen)

CO—Complete—All requested items for all parts of the 3101 have a response and have been “closed out.”

IC—Incomplete—Any of the individual 3101 requested items remain without a related response.

DL—Deleted—A 3101 request that has been deleted before it is printed at the NPRC/RMC (i.e., before the status code changes to IP – In Process.

MD—Marked for deletion—A 3101 request needing to be deleted which could not be deleted by an RO employee because it has already been printed.

Branch of Service status codes (2 character code shown on the tab for Branch of Service on Page 2)

DK—Deleted—A request in SU status that has been deleted by RO before it was printed at NPRC/RMC.

FA—Forwarded as addressed (and closed out in PIES)—3101s without pre-addressing and run against NPRC’s Registry and are negative have been identified by logic incorporated into PIES to be sent to codes 11, 31, 36, 21, 22, 31, 42, and 51.  Also includes all other 3101s addressed directly by the RO employee to any address code other than 13.  (The latter will not go against NPRC Registry, so an RO employee needs to be certain that he/she is using the correct address code.  It is best to let PIES do the addressing, otherwise.)

FR—Readdressed and forwarded along with the record(s) to a service department for further response (and closed out in PIES) – NPRC has completed its action, but the remainder of request must be completed by the Service Department.*

IP—In process—3101s that have been received at NPRC/RMC and printed and are in the process of being worked (i.e., record requested, in search process, or on caseworker’s desk).

MD—Marked for Deletion—When the Regional Office desires the 3101 request to be canceled or “deleted” but it has already been changed to a status code IP (In Process), the request can be marked for deletion in PIES.  An NPRC or RMC supervisor can change the MD status code to DL so that the case can be deleted from the PIES pending database.*  The RO employee can still go in and delete the request from his/her side.  The system will “mark it for deletion” on the NPRC/RMC side.

PO—Pending at NPRC—Delayed for Organizational Records search (i.e., morning reports, clinical records).

PP—Pending at NPRC—Delayed for procurement of records or information from outside sources for records reconstruction purposes.  (Usually fire-related)

PR—Pending at RMC—Delayed due to search process.

PVPending at NPRC—Delayed for verification search.  The record is not in file (charged out) and a special search is being conducted to locate it.

RP—Request printed at NPRC/RMC.

RS—Readdressed and sent to information provider (and closed out in PIES)—3101s that are pre-addressed to code 13 (either by PIES logic or by the RO employee) but are NPRC Registry negatives.  PIES will readdress these to one of the address codes listed under code FA.*

RT—Response provided and returned to RO (and closed out in PIES) – Case completed at NPRC/RMC.  An NPRC/RMC caseworker has completed a response and entered this code.  The completion of a case that involves multiple branches of service will be identified as complete by the system and the overall status code changed to “CO” when the last part is “signed off.”

SU—Submitted by RO—This status appears when a 3101 request is submitted by the Regional Office but not yet printed by NPRC/RMC.  The Regional Office can cancel a 3101 request while in this status without any involvement of NPRC/RMC.

*These branch status codes will trigger the overall status code “CO (Completed Overall) when there is only one branch of service involved or if all branches of service requests are completed.


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