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M21-1, Part IIIFebruary 25, 2005

Change 131

AIR FORCE:  “Airman Military Record,” AF Form 7, Enlisted, pages 36 through 39.  Officer Military Record (AF Form 11), pages 39 and 40.  Performance Reports for both Officer and Enlisted.

MARINE CORPS:  Enlistment contracts, discharge papers, MABMC-11 (discharge order) and service records usually provided  Pages 3, 5-6, 8-9, 12-13, and 17 included.  

COAST GUARD:  Enlisted Record, "Endorsement on Order Sheet" (DOT Form CG 3312B).  Officer Record, "Service Records Card," CG 3301, CG 3303 and CG 3305, pages 3, 5, 6-7.  DD214 and enlistment contract.

(3)  If medical evidence establishes a valid diagnosis of PTSD, and development is complete in every respect but for confirmation of the in-service stressor, contact the U.S. Armed Services Center for Unit Records Research (CURR) through PIES, using request codes O40, O41, O42 (unless the stressor occurred during Marine Corps service. Marine Corps unit records for the Vietnam Era are currently viewable and searchable through Virtual VA.  Unit records for the Korean Conflict will be available shortly.  Instructions for handling denials of service connection for PTSD, based solely on the absence of a verifiable stressor during Marine Corps service, are currently pending.  Regional offices should postpone denying service connection in these cases until further notice).  Requests to that office must include the following:

Adequate identifying information, to include the claimant’s full name and social security number, and

A description of the claimed stressor(s).

Month and year during which the stressful event occurred (CURR will research records dated 30 days before the date provided and 30 days after.),

The veteran’s unit of assignment at the time of the stressful event,

The geographic location where the stressful event took place,

Information from pertinent administrative records such as Form 20 and 2-1 (Army), DA Form 66, AF Form 7 and 11 (Air Force), and all pages of NAVMC 118 (Navy).  This information will be used in completing the PIES request to CURR.

Additional information identified by CURR as helpful in conducting research includes:

Medals or citations received by the veteran,

Names of other soldiers or sailors involved in the stressful incident

As of October 11, 2000, Field Station Directors appointed CURR coordinators for each respective VA regional office.  The CURR coordinator should be the primary point of contact for all CURR-related issues and should

perform periodic reviews of all outgoing research requests

ensure the validity of the requests

notify CURR when a research request has become unnecessary, e.g., other evidence was received that verifies a stressor, the claim was withdrawn, etc.

monitor the CURR stressor verification database (located on the VBA intranet website at vbaw.vba.va.gov/bl/20/opai ) for status of stressor verification requests.

forward inquiries regarding CURR issues to the VACO CURR e-mailbox at VAVBAWAS/CO/CURR

Note:  Any research requests identified as inadequate or incomplete will be returned to the regional office with an explanation of the deficiencies identified.  Any additional development should be undertaken prior to resubmission of the request to CURR.  Stations may, at their discretion, render a final decision on cases if they determine that the information needed to conduct the research is unobtainable.  The file should be documented to this effect.

(a)  For all services except the Marine Corps, submit a PIES request under request code O40, O41 or O42.  If the Marine Corps case is one where the veteran was assigned to a Navy ship, send a letter to:  U.S. Armed Services Center for Unit Records Research (CURR), 7701 Telegraph Road, Kingman Building, Room 2C08, Alexandria, VA 22315-3852.  The VA’s liaison officer telephone number is (703) 428-6915.  If necessary, you may also contact the


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