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Veterans Benefits AdministrationM21-1, Part III - page 53 / 71





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February 25, 2005M21-1, Part III

     Change 131

Inquiries should contain the following information:

Full name of veteran

Service number

Social Security number

Number of exposures

Month and year of exposure(s)

Location of exposure(s)

Full organizational designation at the time of exposure(s)

Type of activity:  basic training, test or experiment, school, etc.

Description of events involved in the exposure.  This is very important since names are not always available and exposure verification is determined based on comparison of the description and dates against test reports.  Include length of time exposed, procedures followed before, during and after the actual exposure, effect of the exposure and whether medical treatment was given

Copy of any pertinent documentation the veteran may possess including names of other individuals, Special Orders, TDY orders, etc.

Note:  Be advised that copies of the database cannot be requested by the regional offices.  Individual exposure inquiries must be addressed by DMDC.

d.  Navy Development

(1)  From 1942 to 1945, the NRL conducted a program to test and evaluate protective clothing and applications (ointments, powders, etc.) for use against war gases.  The tests involved Navy enlisted volunteers from the Out-Going Unit (OGU) at the Naval Training Station at Bainbridge, Maryland.  Naval records show that much of the testing of the protective clothing and equipment was performed using sulfur mustard gas.  The records also show that some lewisite and nitrogen mustard were used.

(2)  Development for NRL Testing

(a)  Before writing to NRL, ensure that the veteran served in the Navy and received training at Bainbridge Naval Training Station, Bainbridge, Maryland.  Development can include asking for a copy of orders to or from NRL, copies of morning report entries, buddy statements from others who participated at the same time, etc.  NRL does not have custody of any records related to veterans who participated in tests conducted at other sites in the United States or elsewhere (e.g., Great Lakes, Illinois, and Hart Island, New York, etc.).

(b)  The Naval Branch at the NPRC in St. Louis will review veteran's records and, if information concerning the testing is found, will provide it to the regional office.  This office may be reached at (314) 538-4166.

(c)  If no information is found in the veteran's file, the requester will be referred to:

Naval Research Laboratory

Attn:  Code 1230, Public Affairs Branch

Washington, DC  20375-5000

(3)  Other Navy Testing.  Develop information about chemical testing by the Navy at sites other than NRL through the NPRC.


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