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February 25, 2005M21-1, Part III

Change 131

Appendix B

Exhibit B-5

Letter of Notification if No Change after Readjudication

Dear    :

We have completed a review of your claim for disability benefits based on Gulf War service.  The purpose of our review was to ensure that all evidence pertaining to your claim for disability benefits was complete and had been fully considered in reaching a decision on your claim.

Service connection for ____________ was denied because ____________.  The evidence we considered in that decision included: ________________________________.  Our letter of ____________ told you about that decision, including all the evidence considered at that time.

Review of your file shows that all the evidence listed above was fully considered.  There is no information to show that there is any additional evidence available for us to consider.  Therefore, our prior decision is unchanged and service connection for _______________ remains denied.

This decision was made under a new regulation that authorizes compensation for disabilities due to undiagnosed illness lasting six months or longer that began either during active service in the Southwest Asia theater of operations or at any time through September 30, 2011.  If you have, or develop, disabilities that you believe may entitle you to compensation under the new regulations, please contact the nearest VA regional office for information on how to file a new claim.

If you believe our decision is not correct, please see that attached notice of procedural or appeal rights.

                                                                                      Sincerely yours,

                                                                                      [Signature Block of Veterans Service Center Manager]

Enclosure:  Appeal Notice


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