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the association may only charge the actual costs of copying, and the amount an association may charge for copying is lowered from 50 cents per page to 5 cents per page;

  • The association may establish and fund reserve accounts for capital expenditures and items of deferred maintenance, and provide for calculating reserves, maintaining reserves, and waiving reserves if the association determines that reserves will be included in the budget;

  • Specified disclosures must be included in the annual financial report should the association decide not to include reserves in the budget when such expenditures are applicable;

  • Extends the deadline for homeowners’ associations completing their annual financial reports, to 90 days from the end of the reporting period. The reports must be provided to the homeowners within 21 days after completion of the statements, but not less than 120 days from the end of the reporting period; and shall be prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as adopted by the Board of Accountancy, and prohibit the commingling of association funds with those of a corporation for profit created by the developer; and,

  • Only the registered and recorded owners may vote in a recall, and a recall may take place at a special meeting of the owners, notwithstanding that it is not provided for in the governing documents.

Section 54. Section 720.304, F.S., is amended to provide that members may display a stationary or portable flag of the United States, from a free standing, portable, removable, or telescoping flagpole not to exceed 20 feet. Association members are allowed to place a sign provided by security services companies on their property.

All common areas must be available to the members for the purposes intended, the association rules pertaining to such areas must protect the constitutional rights of the members, and any owners prevented from exercising their rights may bring an action in the appropriate court.

Section 55. Section 720.305, F.S., is amended to remove the authority for an association to levy a fine against a parcel owner for violating the governing documents.

Section 56. Section 720.3055, F.S., is amended to specify that contracts with managers do not have to be competitively bid.

Section 57. Section 720.306(1), F.S., is amended to provide that, unless otherwise provided by law, and except for amendments changing the proportionate share of expenses that a parcel owner will pay, the covenants may only be amended by approval of two-thirds of the voting interests of the association. Within 12 months of the enactment of this subsection all duly registered covenants and restrictions must be complete and set forth in plain, easily understandable English. The authority for an association to change the proportionate share of expenses appurtenant to a parcel if authorized in the governing documents is removed.

Any amendment to the governing documents that restricts the parcel owner’s rights related to rental of parcels applies only to those parcel owners who consent to the amendment or who purchase their units after the effective date of the amendment.

The annual election must take place at or in conjunction with the annual meeting, the notice of any special meetings must include the agenda for the meeting, that parcel owners have the right to speak at any meeting with reference to any items on the agenda for at least 3 minutes on each agenda item, adjournment of an annual or special meeting of the members must be announced at the meeting before an adjournment is taken.





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