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May 2010 Page 2

The Prez Sez

Seems its is about a month early to be mowing lawn when normally I could be just cutting firewood and “saving” those special crotch pieces here and there in the woodpiles for later projects. Thank you Mother Nature!

The May meeting demonstration will be Duane Hill with a few hands on opportu- nities on the club’s lathes. Just back from a week’s school at Craft Supplies he should be “sharp” with hints and wisdoms of their master turners. The club has received the new 18-inch lathe bed extension for the Powermatic lathe. So longer projects are now possible or just getting the tailstock out of elbow’s harm is now possible.

The June meeting will be at the Gautschs’ studio in Onalaska, where the club has met on past occasions. There will be a demonstration on chain saw safety and include the dissection of various log chunks, crotch wood, burl wood and maybe a root ball. Weather permitting it should be a great experience. If you have a special chunk of wood you are not sure how to cut, bring it by…for advice on how to cut or we might cut it for you. (No assurances given). Around noon we’ll break for a club funded picnic lunch and return to cutting if there is sufficient in- terest. There is also rumor that coring systems might be demonstrated – volun- teers and weather permitting.

As always at our place, there will be a place to bring barter goods, sell or give away anything related to wood and wood processing. The only rule is if you brought it, it leaves with you or someone else.

See you all in June! Turn Safely and stay sharp! Bill

Open Shop Night – Open Shop Night is held Tuesdays at Duane Hill’s shop, 808 Quincy in Onalaska. The topic is free format and anything applying to woodturning goes. This is a great chance to ask questions, try new techniques or just BS about woodturning. Please call, 608-783-0883, if you plan on coming over to make sure Duane will be there.

Monthly Tip – When initially turning hollow forms between centers, make sure the tail stock is snugged up tight. Check it every time you shut the lathe off, especially when turning green wood. Failure to do so may have your roughed out piece flying off the lathe and bouncing places it shouldn’t be.

Jay Johnson

Odel Andersen

Duane Hill

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