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Tourism Policy and Planning

One of the most important functions of a state tourism agency is to undertake the development of a comprehensive tourism plan. This process should coincide with both the state and national development planning process.

Tourism Markets

Future tourism growth in Pohnpei will depend on its major tourism-generating markets and the special market segments. This will require expanded market research and carefully directed marketing efforts, improved cooperation and planning between the public and private sectors, and development of attractive tour packages.

International Air Transportation

Increased visitor arrivals will depend on air carrier seat capacity and reduced air fares which would stimulate travel to Pohnpei. Efforts should be made to seek special reduced fares on flights originating from Guam and Honolulu, regularly scheduled non- stop service from Guam, non-stop charter services from Japan, and alternative, competitive carriers.

Tourism Infrastructure

Continued development of tourism in Pohnpei faces a number of obstacles in terms of basic facilities and services. The staging and programming of development will be influenced by the growth in tourism markets, location and accessibility of sites, the relationship to tourist attractions development, and environmental and sociocultural considerations. Projects of high priority include improvements to the airport and seaport facilities, roads, utilities, and tourism accommodations.

Tourism Resources

The key to sustainable tourism development is the ability to develop, maintain, and promote a variety of attractions. The priority for Pohnpei is to make its attractions interesting and accessible for sightseeing and adventure tourism activities. Tourism attractions (historic, cultural and natural) should be developed incrementally with priority on improving existing accessible sites. Development should be limited to enhancing the natural experience with basic services and facilities provided at the sites.

Economic Initiatives

Appropriate economic policies and strategies should be implemented to enhance the employment and other economic benefits of tourism. To support moderate growth for tourism, government should consider increasing the revenue yield or efficiency of the tax system to finance infrastructure and direct support for tourism development, reexamine constraints placed on foreign investment, ease restrictions on land tenure, encourage domestic investment, and promote intersectoral coordination to reduce import leakages.

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