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Sociocultural Concerns

To reduce potentially adverse effects of tourism development on the resident population, consideration should be given to strategies which seek to protect Pohnpei92s traditional culture, minimize potential conflicts which would undermine public support for tourism, and ensure maximum benefits for Pohnpeians. Strategies should include the initiation of tourism awareness programs for the general public and the provision of skills training to prepare the local population for employment in the industry.

Tourism Administration

The Pohnpei Tourist Commission appears to be operating satisfactorily under its current organizational structure although there is a need to increase coordination within government and with the private sector. The establishment of an interagency coordinating council and a tourism industry advisory board should be high priorities. Financial assistance and technical expertise should also be sought from regional, international or foreign country donors.

11.0 Pohnpei Tourism Development Action Plan

The action plan identifies problem areas, establishes guidelines, and provides for a process for periodic monitoring and review. The plan is organized on an eight-year horizon under four broad goal areas (Economic, Sociocultural, Physical/ Environmental, and Administrative). The plan specifies over 100 implementing actions to accomplish major objectives in two phases. Phase I covers the final three years of the current five- year national and state plan period (FY-94 through FY-96). Phase II covers the next five- year planning period FY-97 through FY-2001. The plan identifies the responsible government agencies and cost estimates. Because the completion of many of the projects is dependent on the availability of funds from the Compact of Free Association and other sources, cost estimates are only approximate. Much of the implementation will depend on the regular monitoring of progress and will require flexibility based on changing circumstances and conditions. To reflect these changes, the Pohnpei Tourism Commission will need to review and upgrade the plan at appropriate intervals.

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