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Achieving Your Brand’s Full Potential Today, companies feel they must improve their corporate image to gain brand trust and loyalty. To sustain growth in a highly competitive marketplace your organization must invest wisely, integrate technology into your brand strategy, and live the brand promise with all your stakeholders. During this session, a senior marketing executive reveals how to achieve your brand’s full potential.

Janet Venturino, Vice President, Marketing Communications, Kaiser Permanente Debbie Cantu, Vice President, Brand Marketing, Kaiser Permanente

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Internal Branding: Working with Employees to Improve the Brand Experience To succeed with your internal branding effort emotions, feelings, and personal beliefs are openly communicated throughout the organization. During this session, senior branding and communication executives reveal how to give new meaning to your brands with employee involvement. Topics to be covered include:

Transforming your corporate culture to reflect a dynamic workplace Harvesting the rewards of internal branding Gaining support for new initiatives

Dale Bohnert, Manager, Brand Identity, 3M Frans Mahieu, Global Director, Marketing and Communications Kimberly-Clark Healthcare

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Brand Strength and Influence: Succeeding in the Era of Intense Competition As markets continue to mature and competition within industries grows fiercer, companies will not succeed purely on the basis of what products or services they offer. During this session learn how to gain brand strength and influence all their stakeholders.

David Wozniak, Assistant Vice President of Brand and Advertising Lincoln Financial Group James Cerruti, Executive Vice President, Brand Logic Susan Adler, Vice President, Corporate Planning & Communications Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Brand Equity Management: Growing the Value of your Brands The most important assets of any business are intangible: its company name, brands, symbols and slogans, and their underlying associations, perceived quality, name awareness, customer base, and proprietary resources such as patents, trademarks, and channel relationships. During this session, you will hear from leading business executives on how to grow the value of your brands.

Larry Friedman, Chief Research Officer, TNS Melinda Smith de Borrero, Executive Vice President, TNS Brand & Communications TNS

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