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All lumber must have approved grade stamp. Framing lumber throughout shall be new and of good quality, free as possible from knots, and to be of sizes shown and noted on plans and details, or as hereinafter specified. Use of any wreck out or second hand lumber is prohibited.

Interior walls shall be constructed of No. 2 grade or better dimension lumber of approved dimension unless otherwise specified. All construction shall start with one sill of this dimension and two plates at

the top on load bearing walls or same full dimensions as the sill

Rapids Building Code. specifications. All walls

Any are to

partitions. Any splices shall fall midway on a stud. All studs shall be the and plate and shall be placed 16" O.C. All construction shall meet Cedar variation in partitions or walls shall be spelled out under additional be covered with ½" drywall, adequately nailed and screwed, trimmed for

doors, floor molding, etc. and taped and sanded ready out calling for variations in wall material or trim.








Exterior walls shall be of No. 2 or better grade dimension or engineered lumber, with triple corner stud construction, double plate, and all headers shall meet City code.

All basement beams shall be made up of laminated engineered or No. 2 grade or better dimension lumber. A standard beam will be three or more thickness through, and no splices except on post centers. Greater height or greater thickness may be required in additional specifications and to meet City code. Posts may be either fixed metal posts or metal screw jack nominal 6" x 6". Metal posts shall be above grade either by basic design or welding process, and shall have a support below a surface of not less than 24"square and 12" deep concrete, and any adjustment cemented in. Any milled dimension lumber post shall have a raised concrete base of 3" or more above floor level with a termite shield or a ⅜" thick by 12" square steel plate resting on the cement basement floor of not less than 3½" depth. No post shall be more than City code maximums for center to center span, from any other post on one beam.

Joists to be 16" O.C. and Engineered or No. 2 or better Fir material. Span of joist and size of joist to meet local minimum requirements. Length to be specified in Schedule A.


Wooden, size 6" x 6" minimum on support beams. 4" x 4" stairwell support, or in designated area. Steel, size 3" x 6'6" to 7'9" two piece with 1¼" screw adjustment. Steel, one piece, no adjustment. Lag bolt to wood beam or weld to steel beam. Pier blocks and termite shield - 14 GA galvanized steel to fit size of posts. Cement footing - 8" deep x 16" wide, continuous for walls, post footings 12" thick x 24" x 24” minimum. Steel plate - ⅜" minimum thickness, 12" x 12".



Any porches, decks, fences, etc. that are constructed for an exterior application, should be built using ACQ (Amine Copper Quat) treated lumber. Lumber will be Southern Yellow Pine or White Pine of No. 2 grade. Other treated lumber will be acceptable with the appropriate retention rates.

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