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In line with its corporate policy of social responsibility, Yazaki has recently established a New Business Fields division to cultivate new business frontiers. Currently, the company is expanding its activities in various businesses such as the operation of nursing care, healthcare, environment-related businesses and recycling. To show its strong commitment to social responsibility, Yazaki has also actively disclosed environmental and other data annually since the release of the “2002 Environmental Report,” which contains information on the environmental activities of the five Yazaki Group companies in Japan. Starting in 2003, information concerning the social aspect of Yazaki’s activities were also added, and the report was renamed the “Social & Environmental Report.” Through this publication, Yazaki makes every possible effort to disclose information concerning how it fulfills its corporate social responsibility with respect to both the social and environmental aspects of its activities.

Handing Over the Presidential Keys

After more than 25 years as president of Yazaki Corporation and its three core group companies, Yasuhiko Yazaki began to prepare to hand over the top management position at Yazaki to his brother. In 2002, Yasuhiko Yazaki stepped down from as president and his brother, Shinji Yazaki, became the third president of Yazaki Corporation and its three core companies at the age of 55. Yasuhiko Yazaki would remain chairman of the corporation, a role that he has held since 1991, mainly working on matters relating to corporate social responsibility, overseas subsidiaries and local communities. The new president would be responsible for growing Yazaki’s business with a focus on QCD (quality, control and delivery).

Shinji Yazaki was born in 1947, and he joined Yazaki Corporation in 1968 after graduating from the International Commerce Department of Hastings Continental College. Since joining the company, Shinji Yazaki worked closely with his brother Yasuhiko Yazaki, and together, through the teamwork of the Yazaki brothers, they have turned Yazaki Corporation into one of the leading automotive suppliers in the global automotive industry.

Shinji Yazaki believed that fully understanding Yazaki’s corporate vision and making it a part of daily life would help to reinforce a sense of common goals and shared values among employees. He felt that Yazaki’s corporate vision, which had been a source of inspiration since its founding, should remain true to this day: to become a company that is trusted and respected by society; to operate on a “one for all and all for one” basis; and to be a good neighbor. Shinji Yazaki also felt that in an age in which major changes are to be expected, Yazaki should not lose sight of the roots that have held it up, straight and tall; those roots should be the Yazaki Vision, and they should be the source of Yazaki’s values and philosophy. Based on this notion, the new president published the Yazaki Corporate Policy and Fundamental Management Policies.

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