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U-M Photo Services: Lin Jones

Former U.S. Surgeon General presents Fauri Lecture

Joycelyn Elders, MD, former United States surgeon general, presented the School of Social Work’s 2006 Fedele F. and Iris M. Fauri Memorial Lecture. She spoke on “How Ideologies of Health and Health Care Can Stand in the Way of Good Living” at Rackham Auditorium on October 12.

“Health,” she declared, “is more than the absence of disease; it is about schools, jobs, community, friends, churches, family, economic status.”

Above: Joycelyn Elders. Below: Greta Fauri, Joycelyn Elders, and Dean Paula Allen-Meares.

She deplored how the United States—which has spent the most money on health care and has the best doctors, nurses, and hospitals—does not have the best health in the world. Why not? e answer: “our so-called health care system is not coherent, not comprehensive, not cost-effective.” In addition, she said, it does not provide choice and is not equitable or universal.

Our young people—our country’s most valuable resource—are “in an ocean surrounded by sharks,” Dr. Elders said, naming drugs, alcohol, homicide, suicide, STIs, and HIV. One way to protect our children, she said, is through sex education.

Dr. Elders outlined several strategies for solving our health care problem. First, the nation needs a comprehensive health education for children in kin- dergarten through 12th grade. We can work together towards health, she encouraged, by advocating for “universal access to basic health care” and by taking responsibility to be healthy.

Another strategy is leadership. “ere are three parts necessary to commitment: time, talent, and treasure. If you don’t invest these, you are only concerned, not committed,” she closed.

  • e lecture was part of the U-M Institute for Research

on Women and Gender’s Against Health conference.

To request a copy of the monograph, please contact the Alumni Office at ssw.alumnioffice@umich.edu or 734-763-6886.

U-M Photo Services: Lin Jones

U-M Photo Services: Martin Vloet


U-M Photo Services: Martin Vloet

Tony Mallon (PhD ’05), Mike Dover (PhD ’03), Susan Lambert (’80, PhD ’87), and Professor Larry Root chat during a break in the conference.

School leads discussion on work–social work connection

On November 10 and 11, faculty from thirteen schools of social work around the country joined twelve faculty members from the School for a unique conference, Work, the Workplace, and Social Work: Returning a Focus on Work to Social Work Education and Practice. Organized by Professor Larry Root, the working conference began with a public presentation panel that included Professor Sandra Danziger and University of Chicago Professor Susan Lambert (’80, PhD ’87).

e confer- ence addressed the centrality of work in the lives of clients and commu- nities and the importance for social work. Topics included conceptualizing the connec- tions between work and social work, identifying and considering how to expand professional roles related to work and social work, and exploring the implications for the social work curriculum. Professor Sandy Danziger speaks on the welfare-to-work experience.

Discussion involved a broad set of connections between social work and work/employment issues.

  • ese ranged from the poverty implications of

low-wage employment to work-family conflict to community impact of the loss of jobs.

Ongoing Winter/Spring 2007



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