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Support Materials for CCA Version 4.0—Reading

Draft – February 2006

Table 1: Depth-of-Knowledge Level Descriptors for Reading from CCA Version 4.0 (grades 4, 7,10)

accomplish a task.

Students will follow the sequence of information from a passage.

of specialized vocabulary (words and terms specific to understanding the content).

Students will identify and explain why the correct sequence is important.

Students will make inferences or draw conclusions based on what is read.

Students will identify main ideas and details that support them.

Students will identify information in a passage that is supported by fact.

Students will identify informative or persuasive passages.

Students will select, based on context, the appropriate meaning for a word that has multiple meanings.

Students will apply the meanings of word parts (prefixes, suffixes, roots) to comprehend unfamiliar words in a passage.

Students will interpret literal and non-literal meanings of words or phrases, based on context.

Students will interpret the meaning of jargon, dialect, or specialized vocabulary used in a passage.

Students will analyze the relationship between a speaker’s or character’s motivation and behavior in a passage, as revealed by the dilemmas.

Students will analyze or evaluate the use of supporting details as they relate to the author’s message.

Students will analyze or evaluate the use of persuasive or propaganda techniques within a passage.

Students will explain the appropriateness of an argument for an intended audience.

Students will use evidence from a passage to formulate opinions in response to a reading passage.

Students will compare and contrast the characteristics of a variety of literary genres.

Students will explain, analyze or evaluate the effectiveness of literary elements (e.g., theme,

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