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Support Materials for CCA Version 4.0—Reading

Draft – February 2006

Table 1: Depth-of-Knowledge Level Descriptors for Reading from CCA Version 4.0 (grades 4, 7,10)

Students will summarize information from a paragraph, a section of a passage, or an entire passage.

Students will explain the meaning of concrete and abstract terms, based on the context from a passage (e.g., “loaded” words, connotation, and denotation).

Students will identify or explain an author’s purpose in a passage.

Students will distinguish between informative and persuasive passages.

Students will distinguish between fact or opinion.

Students will identify or explain an author’s opinion about a subject.

Students will identify the argument or supporting evidence from a passage.

Students will identify persuasive techniques (e.g., expert opinion, logical/emotional/ethical appeal, repetition, rhetorical question) or propaganda techniques (e.g., testimonial, bandwagon).

Students will make predictions based on what is read.

characterization, setting, point of view, conflict and resolution, plot, structure) within a passage.

Students will analyze the author’s use of literary devices in a passage (e.g., symbolism, irony, analogies, imagery, figurative language).

Students will critique the author’s word choice, style, tone, or content.

Students will analyze the effectiveness of the organizational patterns in a passage (e.g., cause and effect, repetition, comparison and contrast, sequence, generalizations) for fulfilling the purpose of the passage.

Students will explain main ideas and their importance in a passage.

Students will interpret how meaning is influenced by the author’s word choice, style, content, or use of literary elements.

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