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envisaged are theoretical knowledge instruction and flight instruction, part or all of which may be conducted in Synthetic Training Devices (STDs). In either case, the approved TRTO’s designated Head of Training is directly responsible for its training standards and compliance.





Organisation seeking approval as TRTO shall provide to the DGCA, the operations and training manuals, including quality & recording systems, and descriptions of its training schemes. After consideration of the application, the Organisation shall be inspected to ensure that it meets the requirements of this CAR for approval as


TRTO. The initial

inspection will focus on: Staff – adequacy of numbers and qualifications – flight instructors, validity of licences and certificates, ratings and logbooks. All fitness licenses of trainees and logbooks shall be made available for inspection, where these are not available, photocopies certified by TRTO administration shall be provided Training aircraft – registration – documentation- maintenance and maintenance records – instrument and equipment fitment. Facilities – adequacy for the courses being conducted and the number of students (this includes the adequacy and availability of the aerodromes to be used and the area(s) in which flight training is to be conducted.)

  • Documentation – regulatory documents related to training as approved by DGCA, Training and Operations Manuals, training records and forms and aircraft documentation, along with ease of accessibility.

  • Ground, flight and synthetic flight instruction module including pre flight briefing, actual flight and post flight debriefing. The DGCA reserves the right to observe instruction being given both in the air and on the simulator and also in the class room.

  • The quality system module to be adopted.

  • Evidence of sufficient funding for establishment and recurrent cost of the TRTO.

  • *

    In practice, consideration of above items will have to take place before

the initial approval inspection

DGCA may inspect the organization at any time during the period of approval. Continuation of an approval is not automatic but depends upon the outcome of inspections. Reports will be provided to the TRTO following inspection visits by DGCA staff.

DGCA may inspect ground and / or flight/ synthetic flight training at any time during the period of the approval. Inspection will include observation of the briefing and debriefing and training records must be made available. Inspection

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