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In addition to the initial inspection, the Authority will make certain inspections to determine the TRTO's compliance with CARs and the approval.

During such visits, access shall be given by the TRTO to training records, authorisation sheets, technical logs, lectures, study notes and briefings and any other relevant material. A copy of any report on a visit to a TRTO will be made available to that TRTO.

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      The management structure shall allow supervision of all grades of staff by persons having the experience and qualities necessary to ensure the maintenance of high standards. Details of the management structure, indicating individual responsibilities, shall be included in the TRTO's Operations Manual.

    • 6.2

      Approval of Chief of Training (C T) shall be obtained from DGCA. This person is ultimately directly responsible to the DGCA for compliance of DGCA requirements.

    • 6.3

      The TRTO shall have adequate personnel necessary to accomplish the training objectives. The duties of each instructor shall be identified and documented.


Management Structure and Training and Examining Staff

The DGCA requires that an adequate number of qualified competent staff be employed and that the management structure ensures supervision of all grades of staff by persons having necessary experience and qualities. The DGCA will place particular emphasis on the qualifications and competence of all training staff in their specialization and training techniques. All training staff must be acceptable to the DGCA.


The Chief of Training (CoT) is the person directly responsible to the DGCA for all Training & Regulatory compliance aspects of the TRTO, including the ongoing validity of the DGCA Approval. To be acceptable to the DGCA the person nominated for this post shall be an examiner on at least one of the aircraft types trained for by the TRTO or higher, 3000 hours PIC, and have extensive experience in training as a flight instructor along with sound aviation management capability.


The management structure included in the OPS Manual will not normally

suffice for the TRTO approval submission. management structure will normally be required the training manual.

A more detailed TRTO which must be included in


It is emphasised, that it is essential that all elements of the management structure are clearly set out in the TRTO approval submission.

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