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The most likely scenario for a TRTO is that the TRTO will conduct its’ own ground school and examinations and simulator using their own instructors and examiners . Such TRTO must itself be self-sufficient and able to test its trainees at the completion of each training module.

Prior approval of DGCA shall be obtained if the TRTO uses instructors, leased / loaned from other TRTO under extra ordinary circumstances.



The Chief of Training of the TRTO shall be responsible for ensuring that adequate records acceptable to the DGCA are maintained for all approved training. The form and content of student training records is to be specified in the training manual and must be acceptable to the DGCA.

A TRTO shall maintain the following records and retain for a period of at least 5 years, using appropriate administrative staff:

      • (a)

        Trainee’s assessments before and during the course;

      • (b)

        details of theoretical knowledge, flying, and simulated flight training given to individual trainees; and

      • (c)

        regular reports by subject with the instructor’s name and written comments by the instructor on the student’s performance and progress and other factors such as attitude and manner during individual lessons and during the course as a whole. Students should be invited to sign each report acknowledging its contents.

    • (d)

      all records shall indicate the date training commenced and the date of completion. Where students do not complete the course, the record shall indicate the circumstances under which training seized. The students overall performance and attitude to training on the course shall be summarized on completion or termination of the course.

    • (e)

      personal information, (expiry dates of medical certificates, ratings, etc.) related to TRTO's personnel.

    • (f)

      the students log books are to be certified as being correct at the end of each course by the head of training.

    • (g)

      The format of the trainee's training records shall be specified in the Training Manual.

    • (h)

      The TRTO shall submit training records and reports as required by the Authority.

  • 13.


A training program shall be developed for each type of course offered. This programme shall include a breakdown of flying and ground training in either a week-by-week or a phased presentation, a list of standard exercises and a syllabus summary. In particular, synthetic flight training and theoretical knowledge instruction shall be phased in such a manner

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