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TRTO type rating course syllabuses may have been developed from manufacturer's courses and so may not editorially follow your current OM format.

It is emphasised, that it is essential that all elements of the management structure are clearly set out in the TRTO approval submission.


Quality System As a condition of approval, a TRTO requires a TRTO Quality System. The Quality System is intended to ensure that the TRTOs’ operations and training are conducted efficiently, effectively and in accordance with CAR’s. The integrated quality System must satisfy the DGCA before a TRTO approval can be granted.


TRTO Application Process

The TRTO supporting documentation is needed to process the approval application. The DGCA will consider all documents submitted, after which the DGCA will notify the applicant of any DGCA comments and / or requests for amplification on the submission. Time taken to by the DGCA to review a TRTO submission will depend, to a large extent, on how it is presented by the applicant. The DGCA cannot amend, research or reshape any submission or part thereof. A ‘return notification’ form will highlight any non-compliances and omissions observed and will request amplification, where necessary.

After considering an application for TRTO approval submission, the DGCA will carry out an initial inspection of TRTO facilities, equipment (and training devices, if appropriate) and proposed training procedures and programmes. The DGCA will continue to make ongoing inspections after issue of a TRTO Approval in order to ensure that the TRTO continues to be in compliance with DGCA requirements.

  • 19.


    • 19.1

      Suitable training facilities shall be provided.

    • 19.2


      • The operational accommodation for course approval shall be of a scale

appropriate to the population of instructors and of pilots under training. All accommodation must be sited within permanent structures not shared with the general public.

  • All rooms are to be suitably equipped and furnished with provision for heating, light and ventilation and are not to be combined with any accommodation used continuously for the purpose of administering the TRAINING ORGANISATION.

  • Offices, separate from the accommodation provided for instructional staff and students, shall be provided for the Chief of Training.

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