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Chapter 4

Design Considerations

Lessons Learned

For more information on configuring TRPs and MTPs, see Media Resources in Cisco Unified Communications Manager System Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition, Release 7.1(2) at the following URL: h t t p : / / w w w . c i s c o . c o m / e n / U S / d o c s / v o i c e _ i p _ c o m m / c u c m b e / a d m i n / 7 _ 1 _ 2 / c c m s y s / a 0 5 m t p . h t m l # w p x r 35934 e f

CUPC Instant Meetings

One of the primary advantages of using CUPC customer over other IM services is the ability to start an instant meeting with the other party of a VEM session. When a customer call is passed from the expert queue to the Expert Agent the CUPC customers on both systems share call information and enable the start of an instant meeting using either Cisco MeetingPlace or Cisco WebEx Meeting. When using Cisco WebEx Meeting there are several configuration items that need to be taken into consideration. The CUPC customer does not use the stations proxy configuration settings when launching a meeting. If your enterprise uses a proxy when connecting to Internet sites, special considerations need to be taken for connecting to the WebEx meeting servers. Additionally, version 7.02 and later of the CUPC customer is not able to dynamically generate a meeting password for instant WebEx meetings. Consequently, when using CUPC the requirement for a meeting password in the WebEx site administration must be disabled to use WebEx meetings for collaboration in the Virtual Expert solution. See Figure 4-4.

Figure 4-4

Instant Meetings

Cisco Virtual Expert Management for Financial Services Design and Implementation Guide



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