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Chapter 4

Design Considerations

Partner Profile

Solution Benefits


NICE active recording for Cisco enables the centralization of the recording system in the data center, in a similar manner to the centralization of the CUCM servers. This allows the organization to benefit from reduced expenses and to enjoy both economies of scale and the lower support costs, thanks to simplified and consolidated administration, management, and maintenance.

IT Friendliness

Passive VoIP recording requires the use of mirroring (“SPAN”) sessions. These sessions have to be maintained for supporting moves, adds and changes of the telephony and data networks. This may conflict with organizations' IT policies. IP-phone-based active recording does away with the need for mirroring sessions, thus reducing the network management load on IT staff.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

NICE offers a reduced footprint, industry standard servers, the highest number of recording channels per server, and advanced compression capabilities that reduce long-term storage volume and ensure lower ownership costs.

Freedom from Size Limitations

The NICE integrated recording solution meets the recording needs of all sizes and kinds of business, from small enterprises recording a few dozen phones to large single-site and multi-site operations with tens of thousands of phones.

Cohesive, Integrated Solution Suite

NICE meets all the organization's call recording requirements. The same system can support all recording modes—Total recording, user initiated recording-on-demand, and rule-based recording, including sampled recording for quality management in contact center environments.

NICE offers a unified solution for recording in mixed telephony environments, specifically where CUCM is serving the back office of a financial trading floor while a turret system is being utilized in its front office.

Improved Operational Control

NICE offers organizations better control by means of centralized administration, recording and playback. All the operational and administrative activities can be performed over the network.

High Security

Extensive privilege-based user access mechanisms provide full control of user operations, while an integral audit trail provides detailed information of user activity.

Cisco Virtual Expert Management for Financial Services Design and Implementation Guide



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