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Chapter 4

Design Considerations

Partner Profile

Unlimited Storage

In addition to off-line storage capabilities, NICE's integration with leading enterprise storage management vendors enables centralized archiving with seamless on-line media access.

Theory of Operation

NICE Perform Architecture

The NICE Perform solution is composed of four main elements: Interactions Center

The Interactions Center connects to the CUCM CTIManager using TAPI (or to the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise CTI Gateway in contact center environments) for receiving call events. It implements recording rules, handles recording requests and controls the loggers.

Loggers The VoIP loggers capture and record the voice packets. Database The Database maintains the call details and the system's administrative information. Application Server

The Application Server provides access layer for the system to the end user applications. The system's elements may be consolidated in a single server or a pair of servers, or distributed among several servers, according to the scale of the solution.

Additional optional elements include screen loggers for recording the screen activity of the users, a Storage Center for managing long-term storage of the recorded data, and audio analytic servers for automated voice analysis.

Contact centers can take advantage of the advanced NICE SmartCenter solution. NICE SmartCenter provides organizations with capabilities to improve performance at the agent, operational and enterprise levels. This solution drives contact center and enterprise performance by leveraging the synergies of the combined capabilities of NICE's offering for interactions capture, quality management, interaction analytics, workforce management, performance management, coaching, and customer feedback; each the leading solution in its category, unified within a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework, providing powerful functionality with maximum flexibility.

Phone-Based Active VoIP Recording

One of the new features Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) version 6 had introduced is an integration capability for providing IP phone-based recording. Cisco IP-phones are capable of forking the received and transmitted voice traffic in two separate Real Time Protocol (RTP) streams. NICE Perform uses SIP trunk in order to connect to the CUCM cluster. Over this SIP trunk the CUCM and the NICE Interactions Center exchange SIP messages which direct the recorded calls from the IP-phones to their destination—the VoIP logger.

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