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Herzog & de Meuron : a selected bibliography

This bibliography contains a selected list of books and journal articles on the work of

Herzog & de Meuron. noted.

Books held in the Architectural Association Library will have the shelfmark

Books (arranged alphabetically by title)

Architecture by Herzog & de Meuron, Wall painting by Remy Zaugg: a work for Roche Basel / [a book

by Remy Zaugg]

Basel: Birkhauser, 2001

ISBN 3764366222

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(464B) ZAU

Architecture in stone: Herzog & de Meuron / A+U no.331, 1998

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036:693.1 ARC

Between structure and dressing: Zumthor, Herzog & de Meuron and the concept of dressing /

Thomas P. Duda Programme, 1998

London: Architectural Association, 1998 Thesis (MA) AA Histories and Theories

AA SHELFMARK: 043:72.01.036 DUD (THESIS)

Building Tate Modern: Herzog and de Meuron transforming Giles Gilbert Scott / Rowan Moore and

Raymund Ryan; with contributions by Adrian Hardwicke and Gavin Stamp Publishing, 2000 ISBN 1854372920 London: Tate Gallery AA SHELFMARK: 727.7.036(421):92HER MOO

Construction/intention/detail: five projects from five Swiss architects / edited by Mark Gilbert and Kevin Alter (includes projects by Burkhalter+ Sumi, Diener+Diener, Herzog+de Meuron,

Meili+Peter, and Peter Zumthor)

London: Artemis, 1994

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(494) GIL

Eberswalde Library / Herzog & de Meuron; authors: Gerhard Mack, Valeria Liebermann. Architectural Association, 2000 ISBN 1902902084 London: AA SHELFMARK: 72.036:727.7(43E):92HER HER

Forum international: Main debates 2 / Quaderns, 214. Barcelona: Quaderns, 1997


Herzog & de Meuron / Naomi Stungo. London: Carlton Publishing, 2002

ISBN 1842226746


Herzog & de Meuron / A+U = Architecture and Urbanism, no.300 1996

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(494):92HER ARC

Herzog & de Meuron / Wilfried Wang.

London: Artemis, 1994

AASHELFMARK: 72.036(494):92HER WAN

Herzog & de Meuron / El Croquis 84.

Madrid: El Croquis Editorial, 1997

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(494):92HER CRO (MLC)

Herzog & de Meuron: 1978-2002 / A+U = Architecture and Urbanism Special Issue February 2002. Tokyo: a+u Publishing, 2002 AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(494):92HER ARC

Herzog & de Meuron: 1981-2000 / El Croquis 60+84.

Madrid: El Croquis Editorial, 2000

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(494):92HER CRO (MLC)

Herzog & de Meuron: 1983-1993 / El Croquis 60. Madrid: El Croquis Editorial, 1993

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(494):92HER CRO (MLC)

Herzog & de Meuron: 1998-2002: the nature of artifice = la naturaleza del artificio /

El Croquis 109/110.

Madrid: El Croquis Editorial, 2002

AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(4940:92HER CRO (MLC)

Herzog & de Meuron / Donald Judd / Gigon and Guyer / Peter Markli. / Skala, no.29 1993. Copenhagen: Skala, 1993 AA SHELFMARK: 72.036 SKA (MLC)

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