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Below are some questions we were asked during the Beta

period of WindMail.  If you have a different question,

or a comment about one of these answers, please send us


All technical support email should be directed towards:



WindMail v2.0 FAQ Page


     Q: What is the latest version of WindMail?

     A: Currently, the latest version available is 2.0.

        Upgrades from 1.xx are available for $39.00

     Q: How do I copy a registered version of WindMail over an

        evaluation copy?

     A: Just copy over the demo windmail.exe with the registered

        copy of windmail.exe sent to you. From the command-line try

        to run "windmail -v". That should provide you with the version

        and the registered status (demo or registered). You will

        need to make sure that you copy over all the copies of WindMail

        that you use. To find them all, you can go to the Start ->

        Find -> and search for "windmail.exe". Its quite possible

        that you're executing another copy you've made if you still

        see an indication that there are only xxxx number of uses left

        for the evaluation copy

     Q: CGI returns "WindMail v2.0 mailer for WIN32 (95/NT)

        (### evaluation uses left)..." instead of my output.

     A: Pleaase keep in mind the registered version does not return any

        banner messages. If you are testing WindMail, follow this easy


        Mute the banner to redirect the output of all WindMail calls to

        "NUL". Here is an example: "windmail -t >NUL".

     Q: Perl Script or C/C++ program hangs when I call the WindMail


     A: Be sure to send WindMail a period on its own line. In Perl:

        print MAIL "\n.\n" or in C: fprintf(mail, "\n.\n"");

     Q: I am receiving an error message regarding my mail server

       "Server (mailhost) could not be found".

     A: Either your WindMail.INI is not set up, is not set up correctly,

        or cannot be found by WindMail. This problem should happen less

        frequently after version 1.50 because WindMail now seeks out a


     Q: WindMail appears to lock up, but I can still press Ctl-C and exit?

     A: This is normal, you need to enter a message in the following form:

             ---------------[ information below ]----------------------   

             To: user@domain

             From: user@domain

             Subject: Subject         <-- Header Information

             message text             <-- Message Text

             .                        <-- Terminating Period (very important)

             ---------------[ information above ]----------------------

     Q: How do I make FormMail work with WindMail?

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