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     A: Please refer to http://www.geocel.com/windmail/library/formmail.htm

        There is a modified version of FormMail which has been tested with

        Windows NT and WindMail.

     Q: Is WindMail available on RISC versions of Windows NT.

     A: No, but it will be soon!

     Q: Where do I place the 'windmail.exe' file?

     A: In any directory in your PATH. If you have a utilities directory,

        then it would best fit there; otherwise the Windows directory should

        work just as well.

     Q: I tried to specify a Subject with the -b switch, but it did not show up!

     A: You may need to use the -h (don't expect a header) option. Otherwise,

       WindMail will wait for the end of a mail header to insert the Subject. If

       one is not provided, WindMail may never insert the Subject.

     Q: I downloaded a Perl/CGI script, but it calls /usr/bin/sendmail,

        how do I make it use WindMail instead?

     A: In most all cases, you only have to change to '/usr/bin/sendmail'

        to 'windmail'.

     Q: Do you support the Sendmail '-t' switch?

     A: Starting in WindMail 1.0 we fully support the -t switch.

        Supported header fields are To:, From:, Cc:, and Bcc:. Bcc: lines

        are deleted from the message. (-t allows you to specify recipients

        and senders in the message header that you provide to WindMail)

     Q: Have any Security applications using WindMail been written yet?

     A: AgentURL at http://www.geocel.com/agenturl/ uses WindMail as an email

        transport. It monitors bad HTTP requests on your Web Server and

        analyzes to determine the intent, or malintent of the requestor. It

        ranks malicious queries on a point scale and allows you to send

        High Priority mail in case of a security infraction. AgentURL

        includes a single license of WindMail.

     Q: How can I make WindMail work from my programs?

     A: Look below for examples:

     Below is a Code Segment in C

     FILE *pipemail;

     pipemail=_popen("windmail -t","wb");

     fprintf(pipemail,"To: benc@geocel.com\n");

     fprintf(pipemail,"From: benc@geocel.com\n");

     fprintf(pipemail,"Subject: Hello World\n");


     fprintf(pipemail,"This is the easiest way to implement WindMail \n");

     fprintf(pipemail,"in a CGI script written in C.\n");



     Below is the same Code in Perl 5.001 for Windows NT

     open(MAIL,"|windmail -t") ;

     print MAIL "To: benc\@geocel.com\n";

     print MAIL "From: benc\@geocel.com\n";

     print MAIL "Subject: Hello World\n\n" ;

     print MAIL "This is the easiest way to implement WindMail \n";

     print MAIL "in a CGI script written in Perl.\n";

     # The next line is very important

     print MAIL ".\n" ;

     close(MAIL) ;  

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