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3.                 What is WindMail?

WindMail is a 32-bit Windows variant of the popular UNIX Sendmail program that gives you command-line e-mail messaging capability.  While there is little advantage to using it to send a single message to a friend, it is invaluable for batch files, CGI scripts, and other automated tasks.  Since it is a command-line utility, it is immediately accessible through absolutely any programming or scripting language that allows calls to external programs, including simple batch files, enhanced Windows batch languages, C/C++ programs, and Perl scripts.

The command-line syntax is similar to that of Sendmail, so that most scripts that call Sendmail can be easily modified to call WindMail.  This is especially useful for UNIX users migrating to Windows NT who have already invested time developing and testing scripts for Sendmail.  Even users who are not in this category benefit from the similarity to Sendmail because a large number of existing scripts written for Sendmail can be modified easily for rapid solutions.

Although by no means the sole application for WindMail, the sheer popularity of the Web has made form processing a popular use for WindMail, especially used in conjunction with a freeware Perl script called FormMail which makes form-processing nearly ‘plug and play’.

WindMail connects to any SMTP-compliant mail server, and supports MIME encoded file attachments, as well as mass e-mailing using a distribution list of e-mail addresses.

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