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   Biology: Concepts and Methods

Biology 210 – Fall 2005

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Ann Barse OFFICE: HS 233PHONE:  410-543-6073

OFFICE HOURS: M 10-11, 3-4; T & R 2:30 – 3:30; W 8-9; or by appointment. The easiest way is to set up appointments or ask questions is to send me an email.  My email address is ambarse@salisbury.edu, or use GroupWise for Ann Barse.

TEXTS: Campbell, N. A, J. B. Reese, and E. J. Simon. 2004. Essential Biology, 2nd Edition.  Biology 210 Course Packet.  Both are required and will be heavily utilized.  The book and course packet should be brought to class.


The course is intended to introduce you to the big topics of biology. Normally, 4 credit courses meet for six hours per week.  Although this is a four credit course, our time together in class will only be four hours per week.  During two additional hours each week, you will be responsible for "attending" an online lecture.  Lectures are delivered by a number of different faculty members in the department and are available at your convenience online. In addition to lectures, you can also expect regular assignments from the course.  Attendance in class and online is expected and will be monitored. We will have regular quizzes on lecture material (more about this below).  In keeping with university policy, NO absences from class are excused absences.  Each student is allowed two unexcused absences without penalty.  For the third and each subsequent absence, a student will lose 10 points from their total for the course. Coming to class late or leaving early WILL count as an absence!  You are responsible for any material or assignments missed during an absence. There will be no makeup activities.  


There are three exams (100 points each).  Exams will consist of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.  The student will be expected to be able to recall, synthesize, interpret and apply information acquired from lectures, labs and readings. Questions, problems, or challenges to exam questions must be presented to the instructor within one week of the day on which exams are returned.  All grades will be considered final at that time.

The final exam will be comprehensive. It will be used to replace your lowest test score.  If you have to miss an exam when it is scheduled, the final exam will be your make-up exam.  NO OTHER MAKE-UPS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON.


There will be eight assignments throughout the semester.  Seven assignments are 10 pts, and the one assignment is worth 30 pts.  The assignments will be done outside of class.  The assignment will be emailed to me prior to the start of class (except the first assignment). The assignment instructions will be available from my web page, and all will have a strictly enforced deadline (see syllabus).


The document will be emailed to ambarse@salisbury.edu. And Must be In Microsoft Word format

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