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Using the Remote Control

LOCK Locks the buttons on the front of the unit.

MENU Displays the on-screen menu system. (To see the VCR Main menu, press VCR and then MENU. To see the DVD Main menu, press DVD and then MENU).

OK Selects the setting or menu that is highlighted. ON•OFF Turns DVD/VCR on or off. OPEN•CLOSE In DVD mode, opens and closes disc tray. In VCR mode, ejects a tape.

PAUSE Pauses playback or recording modes (in VCR mode). Press PAUSE again to return to active playback or recording. When playing DVD discs, press two times to search frame by frame.

PLAY Plays a tape or DVD disc. PLAY MODE In DVD mode, accesses Play Mode icon in the Info Display.


In VCR mode, starts record mode on tapes with the safety tab intact. Press repeatedly to set

a recording duration for the Express Recording feature.

REVERSE Rewinds the tape when the VCR is in stop mode. In DVD and VCR mode, searches backward through a tape or disc during playback mode. In DVD mode, starts slow motion playback during play- pause mode with each press of the button decreasing the slow-motion speed.

SEARCH In VCR mode, accesses Index search feature. SPEED In VCR mode, selects tape speed.

STOP Stops the current DVD/VCR function (record, playback, rewind, etc). Also opens/closes the disc tray when you press and hold. In order to see the DVD player menu, press the STOP button.

SUBTITLE In DVD mode, accesses the Subtitle part of the on-screen Info Display, and turns Subtitles on and off (if subtitles are available on the disc you are playing).

TIMER In VCR mode, accesses the timer recording menu. TITLE/GUIDE In DVD mode, accesses the DVD disc guide (if available).

TV•VCR Functions as a TV/VCR button in VCR mode

VCR Turns on the DVD/VCR and puts the remote control in VCR mode. Likewise, you can change to DVD mode by pressing the DVD button.

ZOOM In DVD mode, enlarges the image on the screen so you can zoom in on details. To pan horizontally and vertically while you’re zooming, press the arrow buttons on the remote.

Button description for TV function buttons

This remote operates most TVs that carry the RCA, GE, or Proscan brand. The following list (in alphabetical order) provides basic information about how these buttons will operate when in TV mode.

(0-9) Number buttons Enter channel numbers. CH +/- Changes channels.

GO BACK/RETURN Goes back to the last channel the TV was tuned to. GUIDE Accesses the GUIDE Plus+ programming guide if the TV has that feature.

INPUT Tunes to the TV’s Video Input Channel(s). For more information about Video Input Channels, go to page 62.

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