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Chapter 4: VCR Features

VCR Basics

Once your initial settings are complete, you can begin using your DVD/VCR. In order to begin, you must first understand some basic concepts.

Playing a tape

  • 1.

    Tune the TV to your DVD/VCR viewing channel (03, 04, or the Video Input Channel).

  • 2.

    Insert a tape in the DVD/VCR.

    • Press FORWARD or REVERSE to cue the tape to the desired position during Play mode.

    • To advance the tape 30 seconds at a time during Play mode, press the SEARCH button on the remote control (each time you press SEARCH, 30 seconds is added to the amount of tape that is scanned — up to 5 minutes).

    • Press PLAY (if necessary) to begin tape play.

    • Press PAUSE to stop action. For slow-motion playback, press FORWARD and/or REVERSE (while picture is paused). To move one frame at a time, press FORWARD on the remote (while paused).

    • Press CHANNEL +/- (or CH +/- on the remote) to remove any streaks from the picture, if necessary.

    • Press STOP to stop playback.

Automatic Rewind

The DVD/VCR automatically rewinds the tape if it reaches the end of the tape during playback. While rewinding, you can press the ON•OFF button (the DVD/VCR will turn off after it rewinds the tape). If the tape has no safety tab, it will be ejected.

Tape Eject

Press the EJECT button on the DVD/VCR when stopped to eject the tape. You can also press and hold the OPEN•CLOSE button on the remote control for three seconds.

Basic Recording

  • 1.

    Set the tape speed by pressing the SPEED button on the remote control.

  • 2.

    Press the RECORD button to begin recording.

  • 3.

    Press the STOP button to halt recording.

If you just want to pause the recording for a short time (like during a commercial), press PAUSE instead of STOP.

Check the Safety Tab

Safety Tab

Make sure there is a tape in the DVD/VCR with its safety tab in place. You cannot record on a tape if the safety tab has been removed. If the safety tab is removed and you want to record, simply cover the hole with adhesive tape.

Chapter 4

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