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VCR Features

Recording Features

Your DVD/VCR provides many ways to record programming. Basic recording is explained in detail on page 29. The following recording techniques are also available.

  • Recording lets you press one button to record a program.

  • Instant Timer Recording (ITR) allows recording to start while a program is being watched. This feature automatically stops recording after a designated period of time.

  • Timer Recording program the DVD/VCR for a daily, weekly, or one-time recording which will automatically start and stop at the times you set.

Instant Timer Recording (ITR)

Use ITR to quickly record the remaining portion of a program being watched. ITR is a great way to capture the end of a sporting event that has run into overtime or a live broadcast that runs long. ITR works in 30-minute increments. You can capture the last 30, 60, 90, etc. minutes of programming (depending on tape length), up to 9 hours total.

To Activate ITR:

  • 1.

    Turn on the DVD/VCR and tune it to the channel with the desired programming.

  • 2.

    Insert a tape with its safety tab in place into the DVD/VCR. Make sure it is cued to record at the

proper starting point.

Note: To override the preferred tape speed setting, press the SPEED button on the remote control repeatedly to toggle between SP and SLP choices.

  • 3.

    Press the RECORD to start recording.

  • 4.

    Repeatedly press RECORD to set up the recording duration.

    • Press RECORD until Instant Timer Record 0:00 appears.

    • Each time you press the RECORD button, 30 minutes is added.

    • The DVD/VCR automatically turns off after it has recorded the set amount of time.

    • To stop an ITR recording, press STOP.


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