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VCR Features

Index Search

The VCR has a VHS Index Search System that automatically records index marks on the tape every time you start a recording. During playback you can locate the program you want to play by the number of index marks or by scanning. The VCR will search forward or reverse from the location you are at on the tape.

To Activate Index Search:

  • 1.

    While playing back, press the STOP button to stop the tape.

  • 2.

    Press the SEARCH button on the remote control (SCH_ _ appears on the display on the front of the unit) .

  • 3.

    If you want to search through a certain number of index marks, press two number buttons to enter the number of marks you want to search. Press CLEAR to correct an entry.

  • 4.

    Press the FORWARD button to search forward or REVERSE to search in reverse. The VCR will locate your index mark and begin playback. If you did not enter a specific index number, the VCR will locate the next index mark and begin playback.

  • 5.

    Press STOP to stop Index Search. Notes: Certain index marks may be missed by the VCR including:

    • Marks too close to the current location of the tape.

    • Those at the beginning of a recording lasting five minutes or less.

    • Index marks that start at the beginning of the tape.


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