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Chapter 5: DVD Menu System

The DVD Player Menu System

The DVD player menu system is not the same as the disc menu or the Info Display. The DVD player menu comes up when there is no disc playing. If you are playing a disc, press STOP on the remote control to stop playback and bring up the DVD player menu. If a screensaver is on the screen, press STOP or CLEAR. (Remember that you have to put the remote in DVD mode by pressing the DVD button if it’s in VCR mode.)

Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight different menu items. Use the OK button to select a menu that is highlighted.

Throughout the menu system, text appears at the bottom of the screen to explain what to do.

To return to a previous menu, press the left arrow button.

The Play Menu

The Play menu doesn’t have submenus or options like the other man menu options. Instead, the status changes: if you’re playing a disc and access the main menu, the menu appears as Resume Play; if you haven’t started playing the disc, the title of the disc appears next to the Play menu.

The Play Mode Menu

The DVD Main menu.

Discs are formatted to play chapters (or tracks on audio CDs) in a certain (standard) order. If you’d like to play chapters in a different order, you can use the Play Mode menu. You must have a disc in the player with the disc tray closed in order to access all of the Play Mode items.

Note: All of the Play Mode options, expect for Program Pla , can be accessed during playback via the DVD player’s Info Display (see page 20).


The DVD Player’s default play mode is Start. The chapters and tracks on a disc play in the order listed on the disc, starting with chapter (track) 1.

The Play Mode menu.

Program Play

With this option, you choose the order in which the chapters (or tracks) play.

1. Highlight Program Play, and press the OK button (the Program Playlist screen appears). Follow the on-screen instructions to create your program:

1a. DVD: select a title using the and buttons and press the button to access the list of chapters. To select a chapter, press the and buttons.

1b. Audio CD: select a track using the and buttons, or select All to start playing all the tracks.


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Chapter 5

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